Rolling Papers

Did you know your rolling paper can make all the difference to your experience?

From hemp wraps and rice papers to organic hemp, unbleached, organic, and everything in between…

There are rolling papers to suit every situation, every social occasion, and every preference 

Whether you prefer the simplicity and even burning of king-size ultra-thin rice paper…

…or nature-friendly king-size slim organic hemp leaves

How about unbleached hemp rolling papers with tips? Or cones and gold rolling papers? 

Rolling papers are also available in books and rolls, and even unperforated

You’re spoilt for choice for brands in New Zealand, too, with leading names like Elements, RAW, Gizeh, OCB, Shine, Hazo, Rowll, Piranha, and more.

The hardest part about shopping for papers is knowing where to begin. 

A quality rolling paper promotes a quality rolling and smoking experience. Shop for rolling papers with Greenstone Dispensary.