Tropf Blumat Watering System

The Blumat Tropf Automatic Watering System is a top quality modular watering system that is affordable and easy to install. No need for electricity or mains pressure, now you can keep your soil at optimum water level adjustable via a pressure valve. Can be run from your mains water supply using the pressure reducer, or by using a low pressure raised water reservoir.

You set the sensors (“carrots”) by filling them with water and soaking for an hour. Water your garden bed to the optimum level, then place your sensors in the soil. No batteries or cheap electronic sensors, it works using the magic of physics and new age ceramics.

Place your Tropf Blumat Sensor near to the roots of your plants, push it down to the depth indicated on the sensor. Make sure the drip irrigator is about 8cm away from your sensor for the best results.

The Tropf-Blumat works on the tensiometer principle; The Tropf Blumat sensor draws water via a thin tubing. As the soil dries, the organic ceramic sensor creates a natural suction which then draws water through the system. Once the soil is sufficiently moist, the ceramic sensor will reduce suction thus stopping the flow.

Most computer-controlled systems rely on timers, which do not take the soil moisture level into account and will not account for watering needs of different plants. Different plants, whether it be soil composition, size or genus can make it very difficult to regulate watering. Electronic timer systems can be expensive and unreliable, but the Tropf Blumat system is all you need for consistent soil moisture levels all year round.

Made in Germany, this system is favoured by indoor growers and growers with outdoor garden beds. Watering plays a very important part on the growth speed, yield and flavour. You don’t need to employ a monkey to full time or build a robot to check your soil moisture levels and water accordingly, now you can trust science to sort you out.

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